Uvieghara uses household and conventional oil paint and a complex layering from source material including photographs (found and personal), drawings and collage to construct his paintings. He is concerned with what emerges through the act of painting and how things are seen, in relation to what they really are. These questions play out in the work through motifs such as the figure, nocturnal scenes, urban landscapes, the cosmos and eclipses.

 A key question in Uvieghara’s work is whether a subject is necessary. He questions whether a structure can reveal the subject preferring this to be found during his process.

 Everyday influences find their way into Uvieghara’s work, particularly from a period of time when he had a job as a satellite television engineer. Working high up installing satellite dishes created impressions of rooftop vistas and flickering imagery, which began to inform his practice.

Uvieghara is interested in blurring the boundaries between night and day. There is something congruent to him about a sky over a landscape, a television screen and a painting, particularly in terms of plasma light. It informs how he uses spectral and chromatic colour in terms of the way an image is constructed.


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