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Brighton Journal

Elizabeth Richardson

'Artist of the Week’

September 2019

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Freelands Foundation

Artist feature


September 2018


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FAD Magazine

Mark Westall

'Freelands Launch...emerging painters'

September 2018

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Painters Table

Ben Street

'Zombieland: On Contemporary Painting'

February 2013

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Art Review

Laura McLean-Ferris

'Roundup 18'

January 2009

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Marcus Galleries

Jonathan Clarkson

'There & Then'

October 2004

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35 Blumen
The Freelands Foundation
32 Paintings
Grey Area




Phoenix Spotlight Artist Talk
Joshua Uvieghara & Charlotte Daiy O'Shea
Video by Bernard G. Mills, 2017
Length: 57:06
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If You Can Spass with Yoghurt You Can Spass

with Caviar

A film-as-group-show by Andrea Slater, featuring: Joshua Uvieghara, Lou Allison, Huw Bartlett, Mike Stoakes and Daniella Norton, 2012

Length: 05:27

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Kinetic Paint/Event Objects: 'Solarised Carbon'

By Joshua Uvieghara: A project embodying video into painting through an interest in movement.

Edited by Mike Stoakes, 2007

Length: 09:30

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